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ROUTE 1: Intxorta

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ROUTE 9: Santa Marina Zar

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Mendiak Elgetako Summit, separated from Mount Erdella (682 m), somewhat higher on the hill of Txaboleta wide (550 m). North of the mountain is the height of Areitio (300 m) that separates Ermua (163 m) of Zaldibar (206 m). It is from these places, along with high Elgeta (450 m) from where we can start to make the summit.

Is a double peak. The higher the southernmost (673 m) but is quite dirty. The one with the cross is to be found farther north and measures 666 m.

Curiously, there is a mountain in Biscay, just above Bilbo, with the name of Santa Marina and receive also the nickname of Ganguren.

From Zaldibar (206 m) is rising in the neighborhood of Gatzaga and West side. Since Areitio (300 m) follows the north side. From Ermua we can take the cliff that forms the summit and that of the Egoarbitza Erdella. In this gorge the river begins Ego, which is quickly caught in the reservoir of Aixola. Going through this reservoir is reached without difficulty Txaboleta hill (550 m) from where we can direct our steps to Erdella or Ganguren. You can also reach this hill from Elorrio.

Hits: Zaldibar (1h 30 m); Ermua (1h 30 m); Elgeta Gaña (1h) Elorrio (1h 45 m); Areitio Gaña (1h)
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Route map by Fernando Zabaleta for the same page

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