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The best beaches at lees than one hour from Maialde

Zarautz beach






Zarautz beach

The length of Zarautz Beach is its most outstanding feature, not in vain the golden sandy beach extends over 2,5 kilometres. It is the largest beach in Gipuzkoa.With its bright awnings, the beach is equipped with bars, coffee shops and restaurants on the promenade. It is open to the sea and Zarautz has always been a surfing destination, since the swell is favourable to practise water sports. Therefore, many surf lovers drop by for a day taking waves.
Besides, it is worth mentioning that Zarautz hosts an annual surf championship that is included in the world surf circuit.It is also a perfect place to enjoy the sun and the sea, since the beach provides complete and fully equipped facilities. The beach has the ISO.14001 certification, thanks to the important work carried out in the field of environment management.In the east of the beach, close to the golf course, we will find the Iñurriza Protected Biotopo, with a natural spot of significant interest in terms of ecology.
A footbridge allows visiting its dunes along wi
A8: 38 minuts

Saturraran beach

Saturraran beach (Mutriku)

Located on the west coast of Gipuzkoa, in Mutriku, Saturraran Beach is part of a ravishing setting. Heavy swell reaches the beach that stands out because, as the story tells, two rocks have the shape of two lovers called Satur and Aran.

Gold colour is the predominant feature of the 300 metre-long beach. Among others, the beach is equipped with a wide car park, a bar where you can enjoy the meal by the sea, a campsite in the surroundings and a nudist area.

Sports lovers have the opportunity to practice varied water sports such as canoeing and windsurfing. Those who prefer walking have two possibilities: walking along the shore or following the promenade that leads to the next beach in the neighbouring Ondarroa.

AP-1: 38 minuts

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Seven beaches

Seven beaches (Mutriku)

And diving enthusiasts appreciate this wild nudity succession of rocky coves of strong beauty.
Swimming conditions: Open beach

AP-1: 38 minutos
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Mutriku beach


Mutriku beach

Puerto Beach is located in Gipuzkoa’s town of Mutriku, very close to the old quarter. The beach is to be found in the “puerto” (Spanish word for port), in the heart of this seaside town.

The golden sandy beach, where there is a heavy swell, is 180 metres long, ideal place to practice some sports such as canoeing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

There is a natural swimming pool in the surroundings available for swimming, as well as bars and restaurants, showers, public toilets, changing rooms and a playground installed in summertime.

Nowadays the port of Mutriku is undergoing public works expected to be finished by the end of 2007 with a swimming pool for disabled people, access ramps and assistance for the swim.

AP-1: 38 minuts

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Ondarbeltz beach


Ondarbeltz beach (Deba)

Ondarbetz Beach is located in Gipuzkoa’s town of Mutriku. The sand of the 120 metre-long beach is black and the sea is usually quiet. Despite belonging to Mutriku, Ondarbeltz is closer to the urban area of Deba, on the left bank of the river’s estuary of the same name.

The 120 metre-long beach offers complete facilities with showers and public toilets. There is a bar, a playground, a pelota court and a car park.

Apart from enjoying the sun and the sea, those who come around can practice many sports such as windsurf and canoeing.

AP-1: 38 minuts

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Santiago beach (Deba)



Santiago beach(Deba)

LDeba’s Santiago Beach is situated on the west coast of Gipuzkoa, next to the river’s estuary of the same name. It is 400 metres-long and covers Lapari Beach, 80,000m2 in all.

The beach has golden and fine sand, and its heavy swell attracts much attention, as it is open to the sea, and it is perfect for walks along the shore or along the three promenades surrounding it.

It is equipped with modern and complete facilities: showers, changing rooms, cloakroom, public toilets, sunshades and awnings, among others.

Besides, whoever drops by this beautiful beach will be able to practice sports such as windsurfing, canoeing and surfing. It also has the ISO 14001 environment management certification.

A8: 36 minutos
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Sakoneta Creek - Itziar

Sakoneta Creek Itziar

Deba and Zumaia Among this small cove is situated, as the Mendata or Elorriaga nearby is ideal for practitioners who prefer nudity and one hundred percent natural landscapes.

Swimming conditions: Open beach

A8: 26 minutos

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Itzurun beach




Itzurun beach

Located on the coast of Zumaia, Itzurun Beach is one of the most spectacular areas. Its huge and the vertical cliffs and the limestone walls that reach the 150 metres of slope will attract visitors, where they will be able to admire a geological phenomena called flyschcaused by the erosion of the sea throughout the years.Itzurun Beach is 270 metres long, and has golden sand and heavy swell. It is located close to the urban area of Zumaia. Water sports lovers will have the chance to practise different activities, such as surfing, canoeing or bodyboarding.Besides, there are comfortable facilities equipped with showers, public toilets and an area with awnings. There is a bar where meals are offered in summertime. A few metres further visitors will find a seawater therapy centre with unbelievable views.

A8: 35 minutos

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Santiago beach (Zumaia)



Santiago beach (Zumaia)

Santiago Beach is located on the outskirts of Zumaia, betwen the marshes of the river Urola’s estuary and the road N-634 to Getaria.The 350-metre-long and 175-metre-wide beach offers comfortable facilities, such as a green area with a playground and a bar to enjoy a nice day with the family or friends.There are also assistance and information services available, as well as showers, public toilets, and parking spaces by the road.There is swell sometimes in Santiago Beach, which normally has calm waters. The visitor will have the chance to practice many water sports in this beautiful scenery such as windsurfing and canoeing. Likewise, it is possible to rent pedals for a nice ride out to sea.
A8: 35 minutos
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Gaztetape beach



Gaztetape beach(Getaria)

Located on the coast of Getaria, Gaztetape Beach is part of the beautiful scenery of Gipuzkoa, situated on the west of the San Antón mountain, known as the Mouse of Getaria.

The golden sandy beach is 250 metres long. Apart from enjoying the sun and the sea, sports lovers can practice some windsurfing, canoeing or recreational angling among others.

Likewise, the area is equipped with a car park by the beach with several services such as showers, public toilets, litter bins, security service, and so on.

A8: 40 minuts
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Malkorbe beach



Malkorbe beach

Malkorbe Beach is one of the two sandy areas of Getaria. It is located in the surroundings of the urban area, near the marina where yachts and sailing ships dock.

With views of the San Antón Mountain, known as the Mouse of Getaria due to its peculiar shape, the beach is 420 metres-long and there is no heavy swell.

Several services available such as fountains, public toilets, showers, access for disabled people, playground, etc. Besides, there are security, hotel and catering trade services, ideal to spend the day with friends and family.

Besides, the beach has a sports area where we can practice many sports such as volleyball, canoeing, pedals, scuba diving and windsurfing.

A8: 35 minutos
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Antilla beach



Antilla beach

Antilla Beach is located in an exceptional environment, next to the estuary of the river Oria and by the Kukuarri mountain, which abruptly goes down to the sea.

The beach was improved in 1997 and has a surface area of 3,500 square metres, with a beautiful playground, a campsite, a sea promenade and three restaurants with a varied gastronomic offer.

It is a perfect place to spend an enjoyable day trip. First of all, we could enjoy practising some water sports, such as canoeing, surfing and windsurfing.

A8: 41 minuts
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Madariaga Tower/Foto: Asier Sarasua Garmendia

Kanalape beach (ría de Gernika-Urdaibai)

Kanalape Beach is located in the town of Gautegiz-Arteaga, and it is one of the sandy areas formed in the ria of Gernika. Down the neighbourhood of Kanala on foot through a road behind the church we will reach the beach access.The cosy 300 metre-long beach of fine golden sand offers the opportunity to relax, sunbathe and enjoy a nice swim. Besides, thanks to its privileged setting, visitors can admire the excellent views of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, which is also shelter for migratory birds.

Sailing and windsurfing can be practised in this privileged surrounding.

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55,2 km – 59 minuts

Laga Beach

Laga/ Foto: Telle

Urdaibai Arraun Elkartea / Foto: Jean-Michel Etchecolonea

Laga beach (Urdaibai)

Beautiful Laga Beach is located in the area around the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and next to Cape Ogoño (279m), and belongs to the town of Ibarrangelu.

The 574 metre-long beach of fine golden sand offers the opportunity to practice many sports such as surfing, canoeing or sailing. Its waves attract many surfers. Besides, the most intrepid ones dare practice paragliding from the Ogoño rock.

In addition to this, Laga Beach boasts many walking areas and recreation areas in the vicinity. It is also equipped with showers, public toilets, changing rooms, lifeguards and beach keepers.

It is also remarkable that the beach has been honoured with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 business and environmental management certifications.55,2 km – 59 min

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Laida Beach/

Laida Beach/Foto:Javier Mediavilla Ezquibela

Right bank of the estuary of Mundaka

Laida beach (Urdaibai)

Laida Beach is located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and belongs to Bizkaia’s town of Ibarrangelu.

The almost-one-kilometre-long beach of fine golden sand is the longest beach in the Mundaka Estuary. It offers the chance to practice varied activities such as canoeing or sailing, occupying surfing the most remarkable place since the famed Mundaka wave is to be found in front of the breaks on the shore of Laida Beach. Surfers all over the world come to surf in Mundaka.

Laida is well equipped. It has lifeguards, beach keepers, car park by the beach, showers, public toilets, changing rooms, bike parks and hotel and catering trade services in its surroundings.

Another distinctive feature of this Bizkaia’s beach is its shallow waters that are ideal for children. Besides, there is a beautiful dune in the middle of the beach from which we can admire the lovely scenery of Izaro Island.

The beach has been honoured with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 business and environmental management certifications, consolidating the quality of this excellent landscape.55,2 km – 59 min

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