Paths and mountain excursions Elgeta

ROUTE 1: Intxorta

ROUTE 2: Gaztelumendi

ROUTE 3: Asensiomendi

ROUTE 4: Swamp Aixola

ROUTE 5: Erdella

Route 6: Goikomendi

ROUTE 7: Azkonebieta

Route 8: Egoarbitza

ROUTE 9: Santa Marina Zar

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Without a doubt, is the most beautiful mountain of many that can be found in Elgetako Mendiak. It has a stone wall around its perimeter somital except on the western slope. Unfortunately this rocky wall of rock that does not have enough security to climb. This peak along with Erdella (682 m) and Santa Marina Zar (666 m) form a small circle of mountains around the reservoir Aixola (317 m) that captures the waters of the Ego.From Karabieta
An easy climb to the mountain part of the Alto de Karabieta (558 m) on the road to Elgeta to Eibar. A concrete path out to the NW, but we have to leave to go to the hill Egotxia or Etxezia (569 m), where there are occasional shelter. Passing a small flat hill (670 m) we are situated near the top of Egoarbitza (724 m), which is bordered on the east to avoid the stone wall. On the other side can also go around but there is no path and is longer. You can search steps to climb without too much difficulty (II) the wall bordering grassy obstacles viras (F.).From Ermua
Other accesses longer leave from Ermua (163 m) in Bizkaitarra territory for the Aixola reservoir (317 m) to reach the village Egoarbitza (525 m) and reach the summit Egoarbitza (730 m) across the bush.
Hits: Ermua (1h 45 m); Karabieta (1 h).
Text by Javi Urrutia for the page
Route map by Tito Pueyo for the same page
Fuente: Mendikat.Foto: Andrés Lekuona Fuente: Mendikat.Foto: Nando Yanguren
Fuente: Mendikat.Foto: Andrés Lekuona Fuente: Mendikat.Foto: Andrés Lekuona