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ROUTE 1: Intxorta

ROUTE 2: Gaztelumendi

ROUTE 3: Asensiomendi

ROUTE 4: Swamp Aixola

ROUTE 5: Erdella

Route 6: Goikomendi

ROUTE 7: Azkonebieta

Route 8: Egorbitza

ROUTE 9: Santa Marina Zar

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Distance: 5 kmTour: This tour is based on a passage of the Civil War in Euskal Herria.On his way we will know various details of the front which is situated at the foot of this mountain.Home: The point of departure is the Cafe Antzokia Elgeta. From the urban core we head towards the environment Asentzio. Later, we find the monument Intxortako Atea and from there go up to the point known as “Belgian”.The tour ends in the chapel of Salvador in front of which is the last information panel.Guided tours: Learnon the phone 943796463