Paths and mountain excursions Elgeta

ROUTE 1: Intxorta

ROUTE 2: Gaztelumendi

ROUTE 3: Asensiomendi

ROUTE 4: Swamp Aixola

ROUTE 5: Erdella

Route 6: Goikomendi

ROUTE 7: Azkonebieta

Route 8: Egorbitza

ROUTE 9: Santa Marina Zar

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Snowmobile Route: Ideas


We leave Elgeta and take the road that leads to Arrasate to our left we see the valley and the mountains Bergara Gorla and Elosu nearby.If the trip is done in the morning and the weather is in spring and summer, the valley of Bergara is all covered by fog, giving the impression that we have a large lake in front of our eyes. A 1 km. we find a junction where the road we Arrasate. A few feet away and get another intersection take the road to the left. Soon reach the park Asentzio, who, with grills, tables, a fountain, a playground with mini-games for children and, of course, the chapel that gave its name to the park. Also you can see and admire hardwoods, a gap in which we can even fish and a tropical paradise (Udalaitz, Anboto etc).The return can do or where we came, but by another route: leaving the same park and taking a track to the Bergara valley about 250 meters we find the village Udaixa. Close to this point and the shadows of grim pines, runs about 300 m. arrived at the village Olatz. About 500 m. we find the cross that we put into the county road that connects Elgeta with Arrasate. On the right is the starting point and Elgeta.

Technical details: Length of trail: 4 km / duration: one hour / without difficulty.