Paths and mountain excursions Elgeta

ROUTE 1: Intxorta

ROUTE 2: Gaztelumendi

ROUTE 3: Asensiomendi

ROUTE 4: Swamp Aixola

ROUTE 5: Erdella

Route 6: Goikomendi

ROUTE 7: Azkonebieta

Route 8: Egorbitza

ROUTE 9: Santa Marina Zar

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Snowmobile Route: Ideas


We start from the front wall of cement taking the track that starts down. At about 200 meters we find a crossing, we will continue down and soon reached the height of the villages of Lapurdi-Goikoa and Lapurdi-Bekoa. PointHere we have a beautiful creek that comes into the side of Intxorta. Continue in the same direction along the river and paying attention to the songs of the birds that perch on the existing flora abundant. In this direction, always following the river, we find the village of Urbedeinkatu and another that was once the mill, now abandoned. Item 3.We are next to the dam of Aixola that like most dams is travel on all sides. It’s approximately 4200 meters we can go in either direction back to point 3. Return upstream along the same road to the village.Technical details: Length of trail: 8 km / Duration: 2 hours / difficulty: medium.