Paths and mountain excursions Elgeta

ROUTE 1: Intxorta

ROUTE 2: Gaztelumendi

ROUTE 3: Asensiomendi

ROUTE 4: Swamp Aixola

ROUTE 5: Erdella

ROUTE 6: Goikomendi

ROUTE 7: Azkonebieta

ROUTE 8: Egorbitza

ROUTE 9: Santa Marina Zar

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Mendiak Elgetako Summit Intxorta near (737 m). This summit along with those of Intxorta and Mendratxu or Intxorta-Txiki (713 m) are the so-called Three Intxortas (Hiru Intxortak) of historical fame in front of battle that existed here during the 1936 military insurrection.One of the most characteristic ascent begins in Elgeta (473 m), whose square is dedicated to mountaineering. In the chapel of San Salbatore and hamlets Antzuategi (510 m) is reached between the hill and Intxorta-txiki Intxorta, are facing the mountain top Gaztelu (713 m)

Hits: Elgeta Gaña (45 m); Iturutz (45 m); Elgeta (1h) Elorrio (1h 30 m)